Used Equipment

Re-usable equipment for the envelope manufacturer are always available from E.M.U. - Services. Ask for more details and photos. Availability and new offerings, change daily. What are you looking for?

Photos are available for all of the following machines.

Smithe RA-800 machine, late model with printers, panel cutter and patcher.

Smithe HP, several available, refurbished, photos available.

Smithe PHP III die-cutting press, photos available.

W+D 527 web, equipped with a four-color print stack plus 1-over-1 print units in the blank, window section.

W+D 102 machine, 3-color press, panel and patch units, machine has been seriously upgraded to include; 'dumped the hump', W+D IRT seal gum drier units, timing belts replace the original aligner chains. Available now.

W+D 202.00 machine, very clean condition, 3-color stack press, panel and patch units, available for immediate delivery. Video available with this machine running 1,000 epm.

W+D 249 machine, paper roll splicer, 3-color, window section and Peel and Seal